1. Just Like You

From the recording Just Like You

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ani difranco has a song on her album 'out of range' called 'face up and sing'. there is a verse that goes: some chick says/ thank you for saying all the things i never do/ i say you know the thanks i get/ is to take all the shit for you/ it's nice that you listen/ it'd be nicer if you joined in/ as long as you play their game girl/ you're never going to win. these words impacted me strongly. i knew i had to find the means and the courage to speak up, to express my ideas, thoughts and feelings, to be the most beautiful me i could be, offering what i had to give. three years later i wrote my first song (pop song). two-and-a-half years after that i wrote 'just like you'. i have found that only one thing brings me peace of mind: knowing i am doing everything i can to be the person i want to be. i extend my gratitude, also, to gaye delorme whose advice ('now go home and write 20 more songs') inspired the first verse of this song; the rest followed fast upon it.